Fix Me, Please!

The following notes were automatically extracted from the source files, at places where the code is marked “FIXME:”.
codegen/gram.y 174: use bearch
explain/syscall.c 303: add support for afs_syscall
explain/syscall.c 304: add support for alloc_hugepages
explain/syscall.c 306: add support for bdflush
explain/syscall.c 308: add support for break
explain/syscall.c 309: add support for brk
explain/syscall.c 311: add support for cacheflush
explain/syscall.c 313: add support for capget
explain/syscall.c 314: add support for capset
explain/syscall.c 319: add support for clock_getres
explain/syscall.c 320: add support for clock_gettime
explain/syscall.c 321: add support for clock_nanosleep
explain/syscall.c 322: add support for clock_settime
explain/syscall.c 323: add support for clone
explain/syscall.c 328: add support for create_module
explain/syscall.c 330: add support for delete_module
explain/syscall.c 335: add support for epoll_create
explain/syscall.c 336: add support for epoll_ctl
explain/syscall.c 337: add support for epoll_pwait
explain/syscall.c 338: add support for epoll_wait
explain/syscall.c 341: add support for execl
explain/syscall.c 342: add support for execle
explain/syscall.c 348: add support for faccess
explain/syscall.c 349: add support for fadvise64
explain/syscall.c 350: add support for fallocate
explain/syscall.c 357: add support for fdatasync
explain/syscall.c 367: add support for fgetxattr
explain/syscall.c 369: add support for flistxattr
explain/syscall.c 378: add support for free_hugepages
explain/syscall.c 380: add support for fremovexattr
explain/syscall.c 381: add support for fscanf
explain/syscall.c 385: add support for fsetxattr
explain/syscall.c 395: add support for futex
explain/syscall.c 403: add support for getcpu
explain/syscall.c 405: add support for getdents
explain/syscall.c 413: add support for getitimer
explain/syscall.c 414: add support for get_kernel_syms
explain/syscall.c 415: add support for get_mempolicy
explain/syscall.c 416: add support for getpagesize
explain/syscall.c 420: add support for getpmsg
explain/syscall.c 425: add support for get_robust_list
explain/syscall.c 427: add support for gets
explain/syscall.c 428: add support for getsid
explain/syscall.c 431: add support for get_thread_area
explain/syscall.c 432: add support for gettid
explain/syscall.c 435: add support for getxattr
explain/syscall.c 436: add support for gtty
explain/syscall.c 442: add support for idle
explain/syscall.c 443: add support for init_module
explain/syscall.c 444: add support for inotify_add_watch
explain/syscall.c 445: add support for inotify_init
explain/syscall.c 446: add support for inotify_rm_watch
explain/syscall.c 447: add support for io_cancel
explain/syscall.c 449: add support for io_destroy
explain/syscall.c 450: add support for io_getevents
explain/syscall.c 451: add support for ioperm
explain/syscall.c 452: add support for iopl
explain/syscall.c 453: add support for ioprio_get
explain/syscall.c 454: add support for ioprio_set
explain/syscall.c 455: add support for io_setup
explain/syscall.c 456: add support for io_submit
explain/syscall.c 457: add support for ipc
explain/syscall.c 460: add support for kexec_load
explain/syscall.c 461: add support for keyctl
explain/syscall.c 467: add support for lgetxattr
explain/syscall.c 471: add support for listxattr
explain/syscall.c 472: add support for llistxattr
explain/syscall.c 473: add support for lock
explain/syscall.c 474: add support for lookup_dcookie
explain/syscall.c 475: add support for lremovexattr
explain/syscall.c 477: add support for lsetxattr
explain/syscall.c 481: add support for madvise
explain/syscall.c 482: add support for madvise1
explain/syscall.c 484: add support for mbind
explain/syscall.c 485: add support for migrate_pages
explain/syscall.c 486: add support for mincore
explain/syscall.c 493: add support for mlock
explain/syscall.c 494: add support for mlockall
explain/syscall.c 496: add support for mmap2
explain/syscall.c 497: add support for modify_ldt
explain/syscall.c 499: add support for move_pages
explain/syscall.c 500: add support for mprotect
explain/syscall.c 501: add support for mpx
explain/syscall.c 502: add support for mq_getsetattr
explain/syscall.c 503: add support for mq_notify
explain/syscall.c 504: add support for mq_open
explain/syscall.c 505: add support for mq_timedreceive
explain/syscall.c 506: add support for mq_timedsend
explain/syscall.c 507: add support for mq_unlink
explain/syscall.c 508: add support for mremap
explain/syscall.c 509: add support for msgctl
explain/syscall.c 510: add support for msgget
explain/syscall.c 511: add support for msgrcv
explain/syscall.c 512: add support for msgsnd
explain/syscall.c 513: add support for msync
explain/syscall.c 514: add support for munlock
explain/syscall.c 515: add support for munlockall
explain/syscall.c 519: add support for nfsservctl
explain/syscall.c 526: add support for pause
explain/syscall.c 527: add support for pciconfig_iobase
explain/syscall.c 528: add support for pciconfig_read
explain/syscall.c 529: add support for pciconfig_write
explain/syscall.c 531: add support for perror
explain/syscall.c 532: add support for personality
explain/syscall.c 533: add support for phys
explain/syscall.c 536: add support for pivot_root
explain/syscall.c 539: add support for ppoll
explain/syscall.c 540: add support for prctl
explain/syscall.c 542: add support for prof
explain/syscall.c 543: add support for profil
explain/syscall.c 544: add support for pselect6
explain/syscall.c 549: add support for putpmsg
explain/syscall.c 554: add support for query_module
explain/syscall.c 555: add support for quotactl
explain/syscall.c 559: add support for readahead
explain/syscall.c 565: add support for reboot
explain/syscall.c 566: add support for recv
explain/syscall.c 567: add support for recvfrom
explain/syscall.c 568: add support for recvmsg
explain/syscall.c 569: add support for remap_file_pages
explain/syscall.c 571: add support for removexattr
explain/syscall.c 573: add support for request_key
explain/syscall.c 574: add support for restart_syscall
explain/syscall.c 575: add support for rewind
explain/syscall.c 577: add support for rt_sigaction
explain/syscall.c 578: add support for rt_sigpending
explain/syscall.c 579: add support for rt_sigprocmask
explain/syscall.c 580: add support for rt_sigqueueinfo
explain/syscall.c 581: add support for rt_sigreturn
explain/syscall.c 582: add support for rt_sigsuspend
explain/syscall.c 583: add support for rt_sigtimedwait
explain/syscall.c 585: add support for scandir
explain/syscall.c 586: add support for scanf
explain/syscall.c 587: add support for sched_getaffinity
explain/syscall.c 588: add support for sched_getparam
explain/syscall.c 589: add support for sched_get_priority_max
explain/syscall.c 590: add support for sched_get_priority_min
explain/syscall.c 591: add support for sched_getscheduler
explain/syscall.c 592: add support for sched_rr_get_interval
explain/syscall.c 593: add support for sched_setaffinity
explain/syscall.c 594: add support for sched_setparam
explain/syscall.c 595: add support for sched_setscheduler
explain/syscall.c 596: add support for sched_yield
explain/syscall.c 597: add support for security
explain/syscall.c 599: add support for semctl
explain/syscall.c 600: add support for semget
explain/syscall.c 601: add support for semop
explain/syscall.c 602: add support for semtimedop
explain/syscall.c 603: add support for send
explain/syscall.c 604: add support for sendfile
explain/syscall.c 605: add support for sendmsg
explain/syscall.c 606: add support for sendto
explain/syscall.c 611: add support for setfsgid
explain/syscall.c 612: add support for setfsuid
explain/syscall.c 617: add support for setitimer
explain/syscall.c 619: add support for set_mempolicy
explain/syscall.c 627: add support for setrlimit
explain/syscall.c 628: add support for set_robust_list
explain/syscall.c 631: add support for set_thread_area
explain/syscall.c 632: add support for set_tid_address
explain/syscall.c 635: add support for setup
explain/syscall.c 637: add support for setxattr
explain/syscall.c 638: add support for set_zone_reclaim
explain/syscall.c 639: add support for sgetmask
explain/syscall.c 642: add support for shmdt
explain/syscall.c 643: add support for shmget
explain/syscall.c 644: add support for shutdown
explain/syscall.c 645: add support for sigaction
explain/syscall.c 646: add support for sigaltstack
explain/syscall.c 647: add support for signal
explain/syscall.c 649: add support for sigpending
explain/syscall.c 650: add support for sigprocmask
explain/syscall.c 651: add support for sigreturn
explain/syscall.c 652: add support for sigsuspend
explain/syscall.c 655: add support for socketcall
explain/syscall.c 657: add support for splice
explain/syscall.c 658: add support for sprintf
explain/syscall.c 659: add support for spu_create
explain/syscall.c 660: add support for spu_run
explain/syscall.c 661: add support for sscanf
explain/syscall.c 662: add support for ssetmask
explain/syscall.c 678: add support for stty
explain/syscall.c 679: add support for swapoff
explain/syscall.c 680: add support for swapon
explain/syscall.c 682: add support for sync
explain/syscall.c 683: add support for sync_file_range
explain/syscall.c 684: add support for sysfs
explain/syscall.c 685: add support for sysinfo
explain/syscall.c 686: add support for syslog
explain/syscall.c 695: add support for tee
explain/syscall.c 698: add support for tgkill
explain/syscall.c 700: add support for timer_create
explain/syscall.c 701: add support for timer_delete
explain/syscall.c 703: add support for timerfd_gettime
explain/syscall.c 704: add support for timerfd_settime
explain/syscall.c 705: add support for timer_getoverrun
explain/syscall.c 706: add support for timer_gettime
explain/syscall.c 707: add support for timer_settime
explain/syscall.c 708: add support for times
explain/syscall.c 709: add support for tkill
explain/syscall.c 713: add support for tuxcall
explain/syscall.c 715: add support for ugetrlimit
explain/syscall.c 716: add support for ulimit
explain/syscall.c 717: add support for umount
explain/syscall.c 723: add support for unshare
explain/syscall.c 724: add support for uselib
explain/syscall.c 732: add support for vfscanf
explain/syscall.c 733: add support for vhangup
explain/syscall.c 734: add support for vmsplice
explain/syscall.c 735: add support for vscanf
explain/syscall.c 736: add support for vserver
explain/syscall.c 737: add support for vsscanf
explain/syscall.c 742: add support for waitid
explain/syscall/fcntl.c 83: parse notify bits
explain/syscall/fcntl.c 86: parse lease bits
libexplain/buffer/enfile.c 88: say the limit -- except that there doesn't seem to be
libexplain/buffer/enodev/vague.c 30: i18n
libexplain/buffer/enomedium.c 125: we could be even more informative, if the
libexplain/buffer/enomedium.c 204: could we get more information into the type name?
libexplain/buffer/enomem/rlimit_exceeded.c 107: i18n
libexplain/buffer/enospc.c 52: has no blocks left or has no inodes left?
libexplain/buffer/enospc.c 53: ENOSPC can be caused by quota system, too.
libexplain/buffer/eperm/cap_sys_admin.c 31: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/access.c 150: should we mention setresuid as a better way?
libexplain/buffer/errno/acl_get_file.c 102: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/acl_set_fd.c 81: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/acl_set_fd.c 104: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/acl_set_file.c 105: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/acl_set_file.c 139: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/acl_set_file.c 148: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/acl_set_file.c 173: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/acl_set_file.c 191: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/acl_to_text.c 71: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/bind.c 251: which is it? differentiate between these two cases
libexplain/buffer/errno/calloc.c 55: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/chown.c 161: watch out for NFS 16 group limit
libexplain/buffer/errno/chown.c 222: watch out for NFS 16 group limit
libexplain/buffer/errno/connect.c 278: diagnose more routing table cases
libexplain/buffer/errno/dup2.c 74: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/execlp.c 75: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/execv.c 98: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/execve.c 70: expand this more, print the arguments that you can.
libexplain/buffer/errno/execve.c 102: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/execve.c 168: need shell quoting
libexplain/buffer/errno/execve.c 214: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/execve.c 293: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/execve.c 305: Some historical systems return [EFAULT] rather than [ENOEXEC]
libexplain/buffer/errno/execve.c 349: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/execve.c 396: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/execve.c 444: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/execve.c 462: say which one
libexplain/buffer/errno/execve.c 466: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/execve.c 477: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/execvp.c 98: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/fcntl.c 142: decode lease flag
libexplain/buffer/errno/fcntl.c 149: decode notify bits
libexplain/buffer/errno/fcntl.c 204: what other processes?
libexplain/buffer/errno/fcntl.c 208: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/fcntl.c 214: what other processes?
libexplain/buffer/errno/fcntl.c 218: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/fcntl.c 238: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/fcntl.c 266: which other process?
libexplain/buffer/errno/fcntl.c 270: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/fcntl.c 292: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/fcntl.c 317: devode signal number
libexplain/buffer/errno/fcntl.c 321: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/fcntl.c 398: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/fcntl.c 409: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/fdopendir.c 66: O_DIRECTORY
libexplain/buffer/errno/fflush.c 48: "If the stream argument is NULL, fflush() flushes all open
libexplain/buffer/errno/fork.c 64: distinguish the 4 cases
libexplain/buffer/errno/ftruncate.c 77: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/ftruncate.c 86: also use getrlimit(RLIMIT_FSIZE)
libexplain/buffer/errno/ftruncate.c 110: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/ftruncate.c 120: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/ftruncate.c 171: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/ftruncate.c 190: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/futimens.c 75: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/generic.c 157: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/generic.c 174: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/generic.c 226: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/getcwd.c 59: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/getcwd.c 68: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/getcwd.c 113: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/getcwd.c 142: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/getgrouplist.c 62: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/gethostbyname.c 367: what about if it is shorter, e.g. vs
libexplain/buffer/errno/gethostbyname.c 391: what about if it is shorter, e.g.
libexplain/buffer/errno/gethostbyname.c 412: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/gethostbyname.c 421: which?
libexplain/buffer/errno/getpriority.c 125: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/getrlimit.c 58: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/iconv.c 69: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/iconv.c 79: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/iconv.c 88: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/iconv.c 97: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/iconv_close.c 53: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/iconv_open.c 271: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/iconv_open.c 283: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/iconv_open.c 309: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/listen.c 157: which is it?
libexplain/buffer/errno/lseek.c 116: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/lseek.c 186: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/lseek.c 196: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/lseek.c 213: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/lseek.c 227: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/lseek.c 238: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/lseek.c 249: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/lseek.c 263: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/lseek.c 273: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/lutimes.c 146: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/mmap.c 203: locked by whom?
libexplain/buffer/errno/mount.c 176: use getmntent_r if available
libexplain/buffer/errno/mount.c 182: using the device info from stat(2) would be more accurate
libexplain/buffer/errno/mount.c 214: use getmntent_r if available
libexplain/buffer/errno/mount.c 220: using the device info from stat(2) would be more accurate
libexplain/buffer/errno/mount.c 254: use getmntent_r if available
libexplain/buffer/errno/mount.c 261: using the device info from stat(2) would be more accurate
libexplain/buffer/errno/mount.c 432: this is Linux specific, add more systems?
libexplain/buffer/errno/mount.c 444: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/mount.c 461: this is Linux specific, add more systems?
libexplain/buffer/errno/mount.c 510: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/mount.c 523: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/mount.c 526: tell th user *which* block device
libexplain/buffer/errno/mount.c 542: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/mount.c 628: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/mount.c 648: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/mount.c 658: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/mount.c 674: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/mount.c 721: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/mount.c 760: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/mount.c 774: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/mount.c 882: print the range (n/n), but just how the heck do we
libexplain/buffer/errno/open.c 369: mention this may indicate some kind of attack?
libexplain/buffer/errno/open.c 455: what happens if you open a named pipe O_RDWR?
libexplain/buffer/errno/open.c 715: except for a TTY, where it means single open
libexplain/buffer/errno/path_resolution.c 988: is there a way pathconf can tell us which semanrics apply?
libexplain/buffer/errno/ptrace.c 108: FreeBSD's PT_IO uses struct ptrace_io_desc
libexplain/buffer/errno/ptrace.c 520: can prctl tell us this?
libexplain/buffer/errno/ptrace.c 543: figure out which case applies
libexplain/buffer/errno/ptrace.c 544: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/raise.c 43: In a multithreaded program it is equivalent to
libexplain/buffer/errno/read.c 81: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/read.c 131: figure out which
libexplain/buffer/errno/read.c 135: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/read.c 149: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/read.c 161: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/read.c 183: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/read.c 229: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/read.c 243: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/read.c 259: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/read.c 270: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/read.c 288: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/readlink.c 117: explain_buffer_wrong_file_type
libexplain/buffer/errno/rename.c 158: how do we ask pathconf if we need this test?
libexplain/buffer/errno/rename.c 452: this needs to be much more specific
libexplain/buffer/errno/setpriority.c 102: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/setpriority.c 124: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/setpriority.c 159: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/setsockopt.c 54: add support for SOL_AAL
libexplain/buffer/errno/setsockopt.c 55: add support for SOL_ATALK
libexplain/buffer/errno/setsockopt.c 56: add support for SOL_ATM
libexplain/buffer/errno/setsockopt.c 57: add support for SOL_AX25
libexplain/buffer/errno/setsockopt.c 58: add support for SOL_BLUETOOTH
libexplain/buffer/errno/setsockopt.c 59: add support for SOL_DCCP
libexplain/buffer/errno/setsockopt.c 60: add support for SOL_DECNET
libexplain/buffer/errno/setsockopt.c 61: add support for SOL_ICMP
libexplain/buffer/errno/setsockopt.c 62: add support for SOL_ICMPV6
libexplain/buffer/errno/setsockopt.c 285: add support for SOL_IPV6
libexplain/buffer/errno/setsockopt.c 286: add support for SOL_IPX
libexplain/buffer/errno/setsockopt.c 287: add support for SOL_IRDA
libexplain/buffer/errno/setsockopt.c 288: add support for SOL_LLC
libexplain/buffer/errno/setsockopt.c 289: add support for SOL_NETBEUI
libexplain/buffer/errno/setsockopt.c 290: add support for SOL_NETLINK
libexplain/buffer/errno/setsockopt.c 291: add support for SOL_NETROM
libexplain/buffer/errno/setsockopt.c 292: add support for SOL_PACKET
libexplain/buffer/errno/setsockopt.c 293: add support for SOL_PPPOL2TP
libexplain/buffer/errno/setsockopt.c 294: add support for SOL_RAW
libexplain/buffer/errno/setsockopt.c 295: add support for SOL_ROSE
libexplain/buffer/errno/setsockopt.c 296: add support for SOL_RXRPC
libexplain/buffer/errno/setsockopt.c 297: add support for SOL_SCTP
libexplain/buffer/errno/setsockopt.c 339: add supoirt for SOL_TCP
libexplain/buffer/errno/setsockopt.c 340: add supoirt for SOL_TIPC
libexplain/buffer/errno/setsockopt.c 341: add supoirt for SOL_UDP
libexplain/buffer/errno/setsockopt.c 342: add supoirt for SOL_UDPLITE
libexplain/buffer/errno/setsockopt.c 343: add supoirt for SOL_X25
libexplain/buffer/errno/settimeofday.c 68: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/shmat.c 220: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/shmctl.c 205: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/symlink.c 118: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/symlink.c 147: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/symlink.c 169: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/truncate.c 88: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/truncate.c 96: explain_buffer_wrong_file_type
libexplain/buffer/errno/truncate.c 155: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/utimensat.c 199: i8n
libexplain/buffer/errno/vfprintf.c 160: [e]glibc returns EOF (without setting errno) if the stream
libexplain/buffer/errno/write.c 85: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/write.c 114: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/write.c 124: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/write.c 179: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/write.c 194: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/write.c 223: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/write.c 251: i18n
libexplain/buffer/errno/write.c 264: The use of sigprocmask() is undefined in a
libexplain/buffer/errno/write.c 334: i18n
libexplain/buffer/exdev.c 30: i18n
libexplain/buffer/file_type.c 105: on :inux, use /proc/devices to be more specific
libexplain/buffer/file_type.c 131: on Linux, use /proc/devices to be more specific
libexplain/buffer/file_type.c 444: i18n
libexplain/buffer/file_type.c 449: i18n
libexplain/buffer/mount_point.c 52: use getmntent_r if available
libexplain/buffer/mount_point.c 171: use getmntent_r if available
libexplain/buffer/pointer.c 30: use process's symbol table (if available) to find symbol name
libexplain/buffer/ppp_ddinfo.c 29: fill this in.
libexplain/buffer/ppp_stats.c 28: fill this one in
libexplain/buffer/sockaddr.c 85: gethostbyaddr_r if available
libexplain/buffer/sockaddr.c 120: use getservbyport_r if available
libexplain/buffer/sockaddr.c 148: decode sockaddr_ax25
libexplain/buffer/sockaddr.c 165: decode sockaddr_ipx
libexplain/buffer/sockaddr.c 181: decode sockaddr_at
libexplain/buffer/sockaddr.c 202: decode sockaddr_netrom
libexplain/buffer/sockaddr.c 218: decode sockaddr_bridge
libexplain/buffer/sockaddr.c 234: decode sockaddr_atmpvc
libexplain/buffer/sockaddr.c 288: use getservbyport_r if available
libexplain/buffer/sockaddr.c 324: gethostbyaddr_r if available
libexplain/buffer/sockaddr.c 360: decode sockaddr_rose
libexplain/buffer/sockaddr.c 376: decode sockaddr_decnet
libexplain/buffer/sockaddr.c 393: decode sockaddr_netbeui
libexplain/buffer/sockaddr.c 406: decode sockaddr_security
libexplain/buffer/sockaddr.c 421: decode sockaddr_key
libexplain/buffer/sockaddr.c 437: decode sockaddr_nl
libexplain/buffer/sockaddr.c 488: decode sockaddr_ash
libexplain/buffer/sockaddr.c 504: decode sockaddr_ec
libexplain/buffer/sockaddr.c 521: decode sockaddr_atmsvc
libexplain/buffer/sockaddr.c 537: decode sockaddr_sna
libexplain/buffer/sockaddr.c 553: decode sockaddr_irda
libexplain/buffer/sockaddr.c 570: decode sockaddr_pppox
libexplain/buffer/sockaddr.c 587: decode sockaddr_wanpipe
libexplain/buffer/sockaddr.c 602: decode sockaddr_(something)
libexplain/buffer/sockaddr.c 625: decode sockaddr_iucv
libexplain/buffer/sockaddr.c 641: decode sockaddr_rxrpc
libexplain/buffer/sockopt_name.c 262: add support for SOL_AAL
libexplain/buffer/sockopt_name.c 263: add support for SOL_ATALK
libexplain/buffer/sockopt_name.c 264: add support for SOL_ATM
libexplain/buffer/sockopt_name.c 265: add support for SOL_AX25
libexplain/buffer/sockopt_name.c 266: add support for SOL_BLUETOOTH
libexplain/buffer/sockopt_name.c 267: add support for SOL_DCCP
libexplain/buffer/sockopt_name.c 268: add support for SOL_DECNET
libexplain/buffer/sockopt_name.c 269: add support for SOL_ICMP
libexplain/buffer/sockopt_name.c 270: add support for SOL_ICMPV6
libexplain/buffer/sockopt_name.c 284: add support for SOL_IPV6
libexplain/buffer/sockopt_name.c 285: add support for SOL_IPX
libexplain/buffer/sockopt_name.c 286: add support for SOL_IRDA
libexplain/buffer/sockopt_name.c 287: add support for SOL_LLC
libexplain/buffer/sockopt_name.c 288: add support for SOL_NETBUEI
libexplain/buffer/sockopt_name.c 289: add support for SOL_NETLINK
libexplain/buffer/sockopt_name.c 290: add support for SOL_NETROM
libexplain/buffer/sockopt_name.c 291: add support for SOL_PACKET
libexplain/buffer/sockopt_name.c 292: add support for SOL_PPPOL2TP
libexplain/buffer/sockopt_name.c 293: add support for SOL_RAW
libexplain/buffer/sockopt_name.c 294: add support for SOL_ROSE
libexplain/buffer/sockopt_name.c 295: add support for SOL_RXRPC
libexplain/buffer/sockopt_name.c 296: add support for SOL_SCTP
libexplain/buffer/sockopt_name.c 308: add support for SOL_TCP
libexplain/buffer/sockopt_name.c 309: add support for SOL_TIPC
libexplain/buffer/sockopt_name.c 310: add support for SOL_UDP
libexplain/buffer/sockopt_name.c 311: add support for SOL_UDPLITE
libexplain/buffer/sockopt_name.c 312: add support for SOL_X25
libexplain/buffer/time_t/parse.c 738: i18n
libexplain/buffer/timeval.c 66: localime?
libexplain/buffer/v4l2_input.c 57: bitfield
libexplain/buffer/v4l2_output.c 56: bitset
libexplain/buffer/v4l2_pixel_format.c 306: i18n
libexplain/errno_info/internal_strerror.c 59: look into this deeper.
libexplain/fclose_or_die.c 67: it would be better if we could nominate a different
libexplain/fileinfo/self_cwd.c 30: is it worth the trouble of using the /proc/self link?
libexplain/fileinfo/self_exe.c 30: is it worth the trouble of using the /proc/self link?
libexplain/fileinfo/self_fd_n.c 30: is it worth the trouble of using the /proc/self link?
libexplain/getc.h 37: need a better inline-availability test,
libexplain/getchar.h 37: need a better inline-availability test,
libexplain/group_in_groups.c 35: NFS only transports 16 of the groups (this is because
libexplain/have_permission.c 268: when the file is on a remote NFS mount, only the first 16
libexplain/iocontrol/cdrom_debug.c 42: it could be a DVD
libexplain/iocontrol/cdromreset.c 41: it could be a DVD
libexplain/iocontrol/eql_enslave.c 89: not suitable: the slave may not exist, it could
libexplain/iocontrol/eql_getmastrcfg.c 74: it may not be a master
libexplain/iocontrol/eql_getslavecfg.c 74: named slave device does not exist
libexplain/iocontrol/eql_getslavecfg.c 80: the named device may not be a slave, the named device
libexplain/iocontrol/eql_setmastrcfg.c 84: not a master
libexplain/iocontrol/eql_setslavecfg.c 64: the named slave device does not exist
libexplain/iocontrol/eql_setslavecfg.c 70: the name slave device isn't a slave,
libexplain/iocontrol/kdmapdisp.c 30: not implemented in Linux kernel.
libexplain/iocontrol/pio_cmap.c 42: EPERM
libexplain/iocontrol/pppiocdetach.c 53: name *which* interface
libexplain/iocontrol/pppiocnewunit.c 58: say exactly what interface name
libexplain/iocontrol/pppiocxferunit.c 30: fill me in
libexplain/iocontrol/tiocsig.c 46: explain that EINVAL or ENOTTY could be because tty is not a
libexplain/iocontrol/tiocsti.c 41: EPERM
libexplain/iocontrol/vidioc_dqbuf.c 106: i18n
libexplain/iocontrol/vidioc_dqbuf.c 132: i18n
libexplain/iocontrol/vidioc_enum_fmt.c 101: i18n
libexplain/iocontrol/vidioc_enum_frameintervals.c 102: i18n
libexplain/iocontrol/vidioc_enum_framesizes.c 102: i18n
libexplain/iocontrol/vidioc_g_ctrl.c 55: i18n
libexplain/iocontrol/vidioc_g_fbuf.c 48: i18n
libexplain/iocontrol/vidioc_overlay.c 67: i18n
libexplain/iocontrol/vidioc_qbuf.c 103: i18n
libexplain/iocontrol/vidioc_qbuf.c 140: i18n
libexplain/iocontrol/vidioc_qbuf.c 157: i18n
libexplain/iocontrol/vidioc_querybuf.c 102: i18n
libexplain/iocontrol/vidioc_querymenu.c 87: i18n
libexplain/iocontrol/vidioc_s_crop.c 79: which of left, top, width, height?
libexplain/iocontrol/vidioc_s_ctrl.c 57: i18n
libexplain/iocontrol/vidioc_s_dv_preset.c 59: i18n
libexplain/iocontrol/vidioc_s_fbuf.c 71: i18n
libexplain/iocontrol/vidioc_s_hw_freq_seek.c 118: i18n
libexplain/iocontrol/vidioc_subscribe_event.c 84: which one?
libexplain/iocontrol/vidiocmcapture.c 101: format could be wrong
libexplain/iocontrol/vidiocswin.c 70: cross check with capabilities
libexplain/lchown_on_error.c 34: : move this into ?
libexplain/output.h 84: write such a thing, and include it in the library
libexplain/parse_bits.y 290: parse C escape sequences
libexplain/path_search.c 231: i18n
libexplain/pclose_success_or_die.c 52: i18n
libexplain/printf_format.y 159: obsolete, generate an error
libexplain/printf_format.y 165: obsolete, generate an error
libexplain/printf_format.y 176: obsolete, generate an error
libexplain/printf_format/representation.c 189: print the equivalent multi-byte char?
libexplain/putchar.h 37: need a better inline-availability test,
libexplain/setpgrp_or_die.c 42: is nargs==0, shouldn't we EINVAL if either of the
libexplain/string_to/gid.c 84: i18n
libexplain/string_to/gid.c 95: i18n
libexplain/string_to/uid.c 92: i18n
libexplain/string_to/uid.c 103: i18n
libexplain/system_success_or_die.c 151: i18n
man/man1/explain_lca2010.1 696: Work is needed to make sure that file system quotas
man/man1/explain_lca2010.1 850: handling of the "t" bit.

Found 538 places in the code marked “FIXME:”.